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For use with all cables and pipes. Multidiameter™ is a ROXTEC invention. This unique technology is based on Roxylon™ rubber sealing modules with a center core and removable black and blue layers. It ensures adaptability to different sizes of cables and pipes. Just peel off layers to achieve a tight installation.
Quick and easy installation Multidiameter™ was invented by us to simplify design, installation, and logistics. Thanks to this flexibility, installers avoid bad surprises on site regarding number and sizes of cables or pipes. Work becomes so much faster and easier. As each installer carries less, you can imagine how drastically the number of line items in the larger stocks is reduced.
Built-in future capacity
The Roxtec sealing modules can be installed in advance. When you want to route cables or pipes you can open up the seal, adapt the modules, add new cables and re-seal the transit. This is how Roxtec facilitates maintenance and offers future spare capacity in a very cost-efficient way.

Less stock, smaller area Our sealing system drastically reduces the number of needed items and sizes. You can seal most cables with just six basic sizes of Roxtec sealing modules. It is area efficient and designed for the routing of many cables or pipes in the same opening.
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